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Furnace Replacement in Roblin, Russel & Wawanesa Areas

We all know the feeling when winter arrives in Western Manitoba and we go to switch on the furnace for the first time. Will it start up without a problem and run impeccably the entire season, or will it go out randomly on the coldest day of the year? While no one can predict precisely when your furnace will go out, there are a few telltale signals that could be showing themselves prior to your furnace completely shutting down.

No one likes to deal with a broken down furnace, but how do you know if it’s time to acknowledge a replacement? There are a number of factors that play in to this choice, but at Super Plumbing and Heating, we’ve got a few ideas in particular that may help you choose if it’s time to say goodbye to your furnace and hello to a new one.

Furnace age: the life expectancy of furnaces typically averages between 12-17 years. If yours is 15 years old or older, it has an increased chance of failing, so researching new furnaces now is a good way to get ahead of the game just in case.

Increased energy bills: throughout the years of maintaining a comfy home, furnaces can drop in efficiency. If your furnace hasn’t been serviced, you also run the risk of losing efficiency as well, potentially increasing your monthly energy bills.

Inconsistent heating: if your system isn’t sealed properly and there are leaks, you could be feeling the effects of an inconsistently heated home. Double checking that your ductwork is sealed properly and that you have recently replaced your furnace filter can help you keep your home snug.

Uncomfortable home: whether it’s age, or it’s simply run its course, a furnace that isn’t able to keep your home comfortable during the cold months isn’t doing much of anything. It may be time to say goodbye.

While furnace replacement may sound a little scary, new furnaces offer a variety of benefits that older systems simply can’t compete with. Plus, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you likely won’t have to worry about changing out that system for years to come. A new furnace could mean:

When you work with the professionals at Super Plumbing and Heating Ltd., furnace replacement is smooth sailing. Not only do we offer a variety of options to help you meet both your comfort needs and budget needs, we can help you figure out which furnaces would best suit your home. If you’d like to talk about furnace replacement a little more, give our team a call at 204-937-2642 in Roblin, Russel & area or 431-876-2642 in Wawanesa and area or schedule an appointment with us online.


Furnace Installation in Roblin, Russel & Wawanesa Areas

Making a warm and inviting environment in your home for your family and guests is important throughout the year, notably during the colder months in Roblin, Russel & Wawanesa Areas. Ensuring that your furnace is accurately installed will make it even more probable that it will run well and operate at its peak performance.

Before you settle on a new furnace, explore all of Super Plumbing and Heating’s services and offerings to ensure that your furnace installation is done efficiently and right. Here are some things you can count on from Super Plumbing and Heating in Roblin, Russel & Wawanesa Areas:

Professional Installation: We have the best trained experts in the Roblin, Russel & Wawanesa Areas area and know the details of furnace installation to guarantee that your new furnace functions properly.

Attention to Detail: You can be certain that nothing will be forgotten by Super Plumbing and Heating amidst the installation of your furnace. Our experts are courteous of your home and space and have your comfort as their top priority.

Peace of Mind and Comfort in your Home: With new HVAC technologies, our systems are sure to run with enhanced energy efficiency and to last longer. Annual furnace service will help keep it operating at its peak, and you will be able to spend more time with your family and friends in your home.

Availability to Answer Questions: Many people frequently have questions about the installation methods, as each installation is special and demands different approaches. The pros at Super Plumbing and Heating will walk you through the installation process. They will verify that you don’t have any doubts or concerns about anything from clearing the area to testing the system.

When it comes to the time for installation, it can be essential to know what to expect and have those questions prepared and ready, particularly for testing the system.

Don’t ever ignore the comfort in your home again and make sure your furnace is installed properly and straightforwardly. Super Plumbing and Heating’s pros are certified, fully licensed and insured so you won’t have a thing to worry about during the installation process. Give us a call at 204-937-2642 in Roblin, Russel & area or 431-876-2642 in Wawanesa and area or arrange an appointment online and find the ideal furnace for your home in Roblin, Russel & Wawanesa Areas with help from our experts. We can install your furnace with little hassle and a guarantee for professionalism and expertise!

PRO TIP: Consider having your ductwork cleaned during the time that your furnace is being replaced. This will help to ensure that the new furnace promotes optimal air quality, will be kept clean, and operate at its optimal performance. Learn more about our Duct Cleaning Service Here!

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